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GelSoft is a competitive team shooting sport in which participants shoot opponents and targets with soft gel balls via battery-powered GelSoft guns. GelSoft is all about having fun and is the most affordable and safest way to play shooter games, so whether you're into plinking or skirmish battles GelSoft is for you.

Introducing the GelSoft Eagle collection

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GelSoft guns fire water balls that are so squidgy they 'pop' on impact. Because our ammo is made of water they're super biodegradable and best of all, they're great for the environment. We have produced a selection of Full, Semi and 'Bolt-Action' GelSoft guns for a range of experiences ranging from fully automatic madness to precise accurate plinking (target shooting).

Our team has worked endlessly to develop these great guns which is why we guarantee that they’re lots of fun and great for the whole family to skirmish in the garden or for groups who just enjoy shooting at each other! Everyone who’s handled one can explain just how much fun these are; what great presents they make and the endless supply of amusement they provide.




Fast UK mainland delivery on all orders no matter how big or small.

We ship worldwide with European and International deliveries now available.

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GelSoft is Uncomplicated, Straightforward and Fun

easy assembly Quick Assembly

GelSoft guns are super easy to assemble with no complicated parts.

USB Charging

Simply connect batteries to any USB port. Charger Cable supplied.

Eco Friendly Ammo

Non-toxic ammo just add cold tap water.

Fast loading

Our fillport hoppers and magazines makes loading incredibly easy.

Customer Feedback

Purchased two guns for my nephews, anything to get them off their game console, they love them. The guns are nicely made and fire over a surprisingly long range and the batteries lasted a lot longer than expected. Strongly recommend, but do buy extra packets of the pellets in advance.”

Sue Cummins, GelSoft Customer.

Very good purchase my son loved it, good quality especially for the price.”

Ann Wilstead, GelSoft Customer.

Just really good fun, for a bit of target practice line up some old drink cans and bottles.”

Evan Fitzpatrick, GelSoft Customer.