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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gelsoft?

GelSoft is a safer modern alternative to airsoft and BB guns. GelSoft is a family friendly and an incredibly inexpensive alternative to nerf guns, airsoft and paintball. GelSoft guns fire ‘gel/water ammo’. The ammo starts out as small absorbent beads that expand when soaked in water, when fired, the ammo easily bursts on low impact. This means they’re safe to use in skirmish battles and target shooting with little to no mess (the ammo dry’s to practically nothing after use).

Is it safe?

Yes, 100%! GelSoft guns fire at a much lower velocity and don’t weigh that much so while they can cause a tiny sting, they aren’t dangerous but safety glasses must be worn during use. Gel balls are completely non toxic, environmentally friendly and leave no mess, residue or stains.

How do I store the balls

We recommend hydrating gel balls in water for at least 4 hours, then draining the water and leaving them in a sealed container until you wisdh to use them. For long term storage, put the gell balls in a sealed container or bottle in the fridge.

Failure to place in an airtight container will result in the balls shrinking back to their original or unusable size. If they do shrink, you can hydrate them again by adding water but they won't be as firm as before.

Please make sure to also empty the magazine and clear the chamber once finished using all gelsoft guns to avoid blockages.

Is it a BB gun?

No. It fires frangible ammo that pops on impact. Unlike BB guns they shoot at much lower power and don’t hurt anywhere near as much if at all. GelSoft guns have been designed to be clearly distinguishable from real weapons for various reasons including user safety.

Can you shoot at people?

Yes, as long as everyone is consenting. Just make sure you wear safety glasses – included with most models which will protect your eyes in the case of a stray shot. You must only shoot at people who have agreed to be shot at!

Does it hurt?

Yes and No, a close-range shot may cause a small stinging sensation and a tiny red mark, but it’s orders of magnitudes softer than airsoft or paintball, doesn’t bruise and is gone in a second. A huge amount of fun!

Are these classed as toys?

Gelsoft guns are not classed as toys. These are not suitbale for persons under the age of 14 unless supervised by an adult.

Do I have to be over 18?

No, GelSoft guns are not replica weapons and they are safe for everyone to use. GelSoft is not suitable for children under 14 unless supervised by an adult. Safety glasses should be worn at all times by all participants. Please do not use these in public places. 

Are they battery powered?

Yes, and a 3-hour charge is all that’s required. A USB charger is supplied with all battery powered GelSoft guns. On some guns such as the Uzi, even if the light on the charger goes out, ensure it's charged for a full 3 hours to make sure it's topped all the way up. 

Can I get spares?

Yes, we have additional ammo, spare batteries and chargers, just let us know and we’ll sort it for you.

Can these fire BB’s?

No, only the supplied GelSoft water ammo.


How long does shipping take?

Parcels are sent via Royal Mail 24 hour delivery, UK mainland only. 

How long does it take to dispatch?

Usually within 1 working day. If ordered before 12pm we do our best to get it out the same day.

How much does delivery cost?

It’s only £2.95 to customers in the UK mainland! International and European orders are subject to a delivery fee.

Do You deliver outside the UK

Yes, Enter your country during checkout for delivery options to your country. You are responsible for the customs and laws in your country.

Can I collect?

Contact us and we may be able to help. We operate from our warehouse, but we try to be as accommodating as possible!


How do I pay?

You can pay online via our website. We accept PayPal and WorldPay card payments. All safety encrypted and secured. We can also take payments over the phone if you call us on: 01582 765906. We do not accept cash via post or any cheques.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with the tracking information of your order. We send the majority of our orders with Royal Mail.

Can I pay in Instalments?

No, unfortunately, we do not offer payment installments at this time.

Can you take cash on delivery?

No, unfortunately, we do not accept cash on delivery at this time.


Do you Accept Returns?

Should you change your mind about your order, you’re more than welcome to return the goods unused within 14 working days. Just post them back to us at the address on the bottom of our website and include a note explaining that you’ve changed your mind and would like a refund. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns for used items.

What should I do if there is a fault or damage?

If there is a fault, or something wrong with your purchase, send us an email and we’ll work out the best next steps, download and complete the Returns Form and include it in your parcel. This is usually a free return and full refund or replacement for the product.

The gun isn't shooting / Ammo is falling out?

Please ensure you've allowed a full 3-4 hours for the ammo to absorb enough water. Leave the ammo in more water than expected and sieve off the excess. Please also ensure you empty the magazine and clear out any remaining ammo after finished using. This will avoid the Gel Soft guns getting jammed. If this doesn't solve the issue - please send us an email and we'll help out.

Order Cancellation

I want to cancel my order

If you wish to cancel your order this can be done in various ways, send us a email to, use our contact us page or download, complete and return our Order Cancellation Form.