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GelSoft Ammo is great for the environment and is 100% biodegradable. Each GelSoft ammo sachet contains a collection of small plastic beads; the beads are placed in a bowl or bottle and covered with tap water, within just a few hours the beads quickly rehydrate to form a soft, squidgy gel ball.

Use wet or dry, GelSoft ammo can be loaded directly into the guns fillport. There are two sizes to choose from, 7-8mm and 9-11mm depending on the size required for your gun.

Why not prepare your ammo overnight for best results and store in a sealable plastic bag. Use multiple sachets.

Colour: Orange


Dimensions 7-8mm and 9-11mm

Ammo Preparation

Ammo Preparation

Preparing ammo is really simple

Step 1

Empty sachet of dry GelSoft beads into the included bottle, or alternatively, you can make much larger quantities of ammo by pouring several dry sachets into a larger bowl or bottle.

Step 2

Fill the bottle to the top with water, or, in the case of making a larger batch, ensure all the dry ammo is completely covered by a good centimetre of water.

Step 3

Leave for approximately 3-4 hours to ensure enough water has been absorbed to bring the ammo to full size. We recommend leaving this overnight just to make sure. (Once they’ve finished absorbing water, they cannot get any bigger, so there are no negative side effects of leaving overnight).

Step 4

Once complete, place the now complete ammo onto a piece of kitchen towel or cloth to remove excess moisture and return to a bottle or storage container until needed.

Step 5

The ammo is now ready to be loaded into your GelSoft gun.

Top Tip:
Never run out of ammo by preparing several sachets of ammo before your battle! They keep for a long time if kept in water and topped up occasionally.


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