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It's the best of both, a rifle and a pistol

The GelSoft DUAL LE is the perfect choice if you cannot choose between a rifle or a pistol. The GelSoft DUAL LE delivers everything you'd expect; there's plenty of power, 20-meter range and a high level of accuracy all combined in this unique hopper fed GelSoft rifle/pistol. This DUAL fires safe, frangible GelSoft ammo, the ammo is biodegradable and made predominantly from water ensuring no harm to the environment. On impact, the ammo 'pops' or 'bursts' with a satisfying splat of water, or just bounces off the target safely.

The DUAL has a host of features including a laser sight, pre-loader, SFL foregrip and fully adjustable rear stock but best of all is that the DUAL can be used as a rifle or pistol.

What’s in the box

The GelSoft DUAL is supplied with ammo, 2 fillport ammo hoppers, a laser sight, foregrip, mock silencer, safety glasses, ammo bottle and a USB charger. The GelSoft DUAL is simple to assemble and does not require any tools.

What's in the box - GelSoft Dual LE

GelSoft DUAL Components


Range 20-22m+
Dimensions 865 x 270 x 65mm
Ammo Capacity TBA
Charging Time 3 Hours


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