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Let the Eagle fly

GelSoft is all about having fun and the GelSoft Eagle pistol delivers just that allowing you to get in on the action whether your plinking or having a skirmish shoot out. The GelSoft Eagle pistol shoots soft gel ammunition accurately up to 20 meters – the ammo contains mainly water making it fully biodegradable and great for the environment. On impact the ammo bursts or simply bounces off the target.

The GelSoft Eagle has a lightweight polymer body with a hand large grip that's great for single or double-handed use. The mock silencer screws to the front of the barrel and the laser sight/torch is mounted on the lower RIS rail which also provides access to the battery compartment.

The Eagle has a fully automatic firing mode but can also fire a single round with a press and release of the trigger. Ammo is loaded into the mock telescope, fillport hopper, which is situated on the top of the pistol; the ammo loads automatically and fires up to four rounds per second on fully automatic mode.

What’s in the box

The GelSoft Eagle is supplied with 3000 rounds of ammo, a mixing bottle, fillport hopper, torch and laser sight, USB charger and battery pack, silencer. The GelSoft Eagle is simple to assemble and does not require any tools.

GelSoft Eagle Box
GelSoft Golden Eagle Parts


Range 17-22M
Dimensions 210 x 140 x 40mm
Ammo Capacity 250 Rounds
Charging Time 3hrs

Charging Guide

Charging Guide

Charging the battery pack

Charging the battery packs couldn’t be simpler follow these five easy steps to get the best performance from your GelSoft gun.

Step 1

Disconnect the battery from your GelSoft gun.

Step 2

Attach the battery cable to the included USB charger.

Step 3

Connect the charging cable into any USB charging port.

Step 4

Allow approximately 3 hours for a full charge. – The USB connector has a red LED indicator which indicates charge level. The LED will dim or go out when the battery pack has received a full charge.

Step 5

The battery will then be ready for reinstallation and use!

Ammo Preparation

Ammo Preparation

Preparing ammo is really simple

Step 1

Empty sachet of dry GelSoft beads into the included bottle, or alternatively, you can make much larger quantities of ammo by pouring several dry sachets into a larger bowl or bottle.

Step 2

Fill the bottle to the top with water, or, in the case of making a larger batch, ensure all the dry ammo is completely covered by a good centimetre of water.

Step 3

Leave for approximately 3-4 hours to ensure enough water has been absorbed to bring the ammo to full size. We recommend leaving this overnight just to make sure. (Once they’ve finished absorbing water, they cannot get any bigger, so there are no negative side effects of leaving overnight).

Step 4

Once complete, place the now complete ammo onto a piece of kitchen towel or cloth to remove excess moisture and return to a bottle or storage container until needed.

Step 5

The ammo is now ready to be loaded into your GelSoft gun.

Top Tip:
Never run out of ammo by preparing several sachets of ammo before your battle! They keep for a long time if kept in water and topped up occasionally.


Customer Reviews

Decent quality with a high rate of fire
Ever since Army of Two and Wildlands my wife and daughter have a thing about gold guns. So, it was a nice surprise to find this option in the Eagle list.

The gun is well made, smoothly finished with no rough edges or burrs and feels fairly good to hold. Small hands might find this one a challenge as the grip is quite large. Everything works just about as you would expect although I have my doubts about the laser attachment.

Ignoring for a moment the risk of shining this in somebody's eyes, it appears to be off centre. At least the one I received is, somewhat to the left and I can't see any easy way to adjust that. I don't suppose it matters overmuch as it's mostly there for the cool factor than a way to improve accuracy.

The battery fits into a compartment under the weapon. The picatinny rail has a latch to the front of the gun which you need to pull back to release it, the battery then slots in here and adds a bit of weight to the gun. The gate latch on the battery door can be a bit tight, so be careful when opening this as it's not too difficult to fold a fingernail back. Orbies are fed in through the mock sight on top and this holds a decent amount, although the high rate of fire from this gun means you will be reloading frequently if you're a "spray and pray" kind of person.

The mock sight fits tightly so you will need to use a bit of force to get it mounted. Be careful though as it is plastic and there's a risk of shattering the mount of you are too rough with it. I figure it's a tight fit because the orbies feed from the sight through a hole in the top of the gun, and the last thing you need is the thing slipping on the mount.

The mock suppressor is added again, for the cool factor as it serves no purpose, it doesn't extend the barrel for increased range and accuracy. It simply screws onto the end of the slide and makes the whole thing bigger. Still, it does look rather nice. Of course, there is the issue that the larger you make something, the more you have to move, and while it might only add microseconds to moving and lining up on a target - it might be enough to get hit before you can get a shot off.

The wife loves the gun, partly because it's gold, and partly because it has a higher rate of fire than my Nexus and partly because now she has something to torment me with. It's like living in the wild west sometimes and I find that at random moments during the day I'm dodging incoming. No matter, she's having a blast with the thing and it's fun for the family when we hit the in-laws and can thunder around three acres of woodland in a free for all. I might have to buy a rifle for the wife as well as she's the only one that doesn't have one. Definitely have to get something for the father in law as well, I have a suspicion that he's going to have a lot of fun taking vengeance on the family.

In regards to the orbies, don't be impatient. Let them soak for at least four hours in a good supply of water, they need to swell up in order to work properly. if you don't wait and try to use them before they have reached their correct size there's a chance of either jamming the gun, or misfires where the orbies are shattering inside the gun and you're firing shrapnel. So, patience above all is the answer here.

You can store orbies if you make a large batch, just use something like a tupperware box with a little water in it to keep the orbies hydrated. This way you can make a batch in advance of needing them - say the day before a weekend blowout.

I have to say that this and the other products I've bought all add together to make the most fun we've had in a combat game. Whether it's teams or free for all, this is by far the best - harmless - fun possible. The impact from the guns is enough to feel, and it will sting on bare flesh, but no marks, bruising, long term pain or stains are left. In regards to this, don't fire point blank or at somebody's face, it will hurt like a bitch and it's not funny. Don't do it. Also, do not fire at your pets, that is simply beyond stupid.

Overall this is a decent solid weapon that looks good and holds a charge in the battery well, has a good rate of fire and will carry on firing for some time. Accuracy is about as expected with a smooth bore firing gel balls, not great but not shameful either. Effective accurate range is around 10 metres, you can fire over longer ranges but you will have to adjust aim for drop. The batter is pretty good and so far, one charge has easily lasted over a week with regular use. I don't know the lifespan of the batteries so can't say when they will need to be replaced, but I figure it will be a couple years at least.

So much was had, that I've bought several of the products from this site, and will most likely buy others. Great for amusement and pretty good for stress relief too. There's nothing quite like pummeling your target with automatic fire to relax all that tension. Review by Peter

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