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GelSoft Honey Badger Rifle for Skirmish Battles

This GelSoft Honey Badger Rifle by AAC, a fantastic entry-level gel blaster designed to impress both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts. If you're a beginner seeking a blaster that boasts a sleek and aggressive style beyond the traditional M4, look no further. This lightweight, dependable, and robust gel blaster rifle is not only ideal for young players but also packs some serious punch.

The Honey Badger features an alloy metal inner barrel and a PDW extendable buttstock with a generously spacious battery compartment, ensuring extended playtime without interruptions. Its imposing suppressor adds a touch of intimidation and makes it ready to go right out of the box. This gel blaster is a fine example of quality from the AAC brand and is known for its reliable performance.

The Honey Badger operates on a USB rechargeable battery, offering versatile firing modes: semi-automatic, full-auto, and a safety setting. It even features an imitation electronic blowback function for added realism. With a magazine prime function operated by the charging handle, reloading is a breeze. The materials used are of the highest quality, featuring a V2 Nylon gearbox with nylon gears, 18:1 gear ratio, and a 1.2mm spring. The rifle's nylon construction extends to the receiver, handguard, suppressor, and outer barrel, which reduces vibration and enhances accuracy. The collapsible stock provides ample space for your battery, and the charging handle also opens the dust cover for added convenience. The Honey Badger uses 7-8mm gel balls for a powerful and fun shooting experience.

What’s in the box

GelSoft Honey Badger Blaster
2,000 Ammo Rounds
Buttstock (Adjustable)
7.4v 1500mAh Lithium chargeable battery
USB charging cable
Safety Goggles

What are GelSoft Guns?

Gelsoft guns are very similar to paintball guns. They fire water based ammo that pops/bursts on impact. The guns are not considered weapons because of this system and their comparatively lower power output. Compared to airsoft guns which fire fire hard plastic ammo, our GelSoft ammo is soft and squishy which means they aren't intended as weapons and are unlikely to cause injury.

Battery Information

Charge battery for up to 3 hours prior to use. The battery is housed in the stock. Instructions are provided.

What you need to know before purchasing the GelSoft ARP9 Rifle

Gelsoft Skirmish Series guns are different from our more colourful Gelsoft guns, they are high-performance models that look more realistic and because of this, there are a few rules that need to be followed.

1. Age Limit

To purchase a skirmish version Gelsoft gun or rifle you need to be at least 18 years old. There is no age limit to using a Gelsoft gun, however, children will require adult supervision.

2. Permitted Activities

Using Gelsoft guns in your back garden, at re-enactments or at paintball or airsoft game sites is permitted under the 'Permitted Activities' as defined by the VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006). You will need to confirm you understand this during checkout by ticking the relevant box.

3. Insurance Cover

You need to have insurance cover for the intended 'Permitted Activities' but don't worry as most household insurance policies cover activities like skirmishing at home, but you will need to double check this and confirm you understand this during checkout by ticking the relevant box.

The information below provides a more in-depth look at UK laws regarding owning and using a Gelsoft Skirmish Series gun

Violent Crime Reduction Act (2006)

What is it?
The Violent Crime Reduction Act (2006) (VCRA) is part of the UK legal system that covers a range of issues including alcohol, firearms and a number of other miscellaneous legal issues. For our purposes, we are focusing is on the Act's provisions for Realistic Imitation Firearms (also known as RIFs) and the legal bases for purchase, sale and ownership. It is important to understand this act and the measures we have in place to ensure that we are in compliance and that you have a smooth transaction with us.

Realistic Imitation Firearms
A RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) is any item which looks like a real firearm when viewed from a short distance away by a person without any specialist knowledge." This means that any item that looks like a real firearm, regardless of if it's working or not that 'could' be a real gun is defined as a RIF and falls under some specific controls and regulations. RIFs are possible to own and use if certain conditions are met

What are the conditions for buying, owning and using a RIF?
RIFs can only be sold if it is to be used for certain permitted purposes and activities. This includes historical re-enactment and skirmishing.
They must only be purchased by someone over the age of 18.

What are the conditions for selling a RIF?
For us to be able to sell you a Gelsoft Skirmish Series gun we have to inform you of the legal requirements and for you to confirm that you understand all of the conditions indicated above. During the checkout process, you are required to tick the relevant boxes to indicate to us that you acknowledge these responsibilities.

Permitted Activities
Permitted activities are the use cases for these items that comply with the VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction Act). The specific definition given in the act is as follows.

“The acting out of military or law enforcement scenarios for the purposes of recreation."

This is primarily intended to cover those who wish to engage in 'skirmishing' activities. This is where individuals or teams attempt to fire at the opposing team in order to hit them before they themselves are hit. Essentially acting out a military or police encounter, though, the rules on this can vary from game to game.

So, where should you use a Gelsoft Skirmish Series RIF?

First, it's important to remember that RIFs can not be used or taken into public places, and must only be used on private land where you have permission from, or are the land owner. Using a realistic imitation firearm in public can and will get you arrested, is not sensible and is more than likely to cause alarm to the general public. As a general rule, they are best kept at home, at organised skirmish activities or re-enactments.

Back Garden | Private Land | Reenactment Sites | Airsoft Sites | Paintball Sites etc...


Gelsoft guns should NOT be used in circumstances where alarm or distress may be caused to others. Remember, it is an offence to have any type of imitation firearm in a public place without a reasonable excuse and you may be arrested. By purchasing Skirmish Series guns from Gelsoft you are confirming that you have read, understood and will comply with these conditions of sale and that these items will be used for permitted purposes in compliance with the law."

If you require additional information or clarification in regards to any of the information above please do not hesitate to contact us at


FPS 230
Range 30m using Milky Ammo
Dimensions TBC
Ammo 7-8mm
Ammo Capacity 200 Rounds
Battery 7.4V
Safe Mode Yes
Charging Time 3 Hours


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