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GelSoft SBL-17A Rifle is a CQB Blaster

The SBL-17A is a futuristic gel blaster is a lightweight CQB (Close Quater Battle) rifle that has many features to make any battle fun. The SBL-17A is constructed from tough ABS polymers and boasts a range of features that give this gun a whole range of uses. The folding stock means the gun can be used as a pistol or rifle, ideal for when space is at a premium, the large capacity drum magazine holds up to 800 rounds and the automatic feed ensures extended performance with less time spent refilling. The Green Dot Scope provides six times magnification to aid the accuracy of each shot and the four RIS rails mean there's plenty of space for additional equipment like a torch and a laser sight.

What’s in the box

GelSoft SBL-17A Blaster
Drum Magazine
Standard Magazine
Green Dot Scope with 6x Magnification
Flash Hiider
2 x Barrels
Iron sights
12pcs half-length suction darts
10,000 Ammo Rounds
Safety Goggles
7.4v 1500mAh 1 Lithium chargeable battery
USB charging cable

Battery Information

Charge battery for up to 3 hours prior to use. The battery is housed in the stock. Instructions are provided.

What are GelSoft Guns?

Gelsoft guns are very similar to paintball guns. They fire water based ammo that pops/bursts on impact. The guns are not considered weapons because of this system and their comparatively lower power output. Compared to airsoft guns which fire fire hard plastic ammo, our GelSoft ammo is soft and squishy which means they aren't intended as weapons and are unlikely to cause injury.


FPS 165
Range 20m
Dimensions TBC
Ammo 7-8mm
Ammo Capacity 170 Rounds
Battery 7.4V
Safe Mode Yes
Charging Time 3 Hours


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