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Payment Information

Guaranteed Safe and secure payments

We work with two main payment providers to ensure safe, encrypted, online transactions. We use both PayPal and Worldpay payment gateways, renowned to be world leading payment providers. Both providers can be used to make online credit or debit card payments, and with PayPal, you can use existing account credit.

We do not capture or store payment information on our servers because payment gateways offer an incredibly high level of protection and are the most common method of processing payments on the internet.

PayPal: Probably the most used and reliable payment gateway, PayPal uses secure encryption to protect your information and has a long history of safe and secure transactions the world over.

We also use PayPal as the Card Payment provider. If you'd like to pay by card, please choose the PayPal option. You don't need a PayPal account to use this function. 

Pay-by-Phone: Our team are trained to process payments over the phone; to do this we use an online data entry form provided by Worldpay which further ensures safe and secure transactions.