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Trouble Shooting Guide

My blaster is not firing at all?

Ensure that the battery connection is secure and there are no visible severed or stripped wires from the buttstock. Use a different battery if possible to ascertain if the issue is located with the battery or the blaster. If the blaster is still not firing, contact customer support at

My blaster is firing, but not feeding any ammo?

If a blaster is cycling as normal but is not feeding/shooting any GelSoft ammo… this usually indicates an issue/blockage with the magazine. Try the following:

Step 1. Attempt to clear any blockage by shaking and tapping the mag to loosen any gels.
Step 2. If the above doesn’t work, empty the magazine and shake/tap out all ammo, and then reload. This usually tends to happen after not using the gun for a while.
Step 3. Ensure you have drained out any remaining water after growing your ammo so actual water isn’t loaded into the magazine.

Please note:  Ensure you empty the magazine fully after use. If GelSoft ammo is left in there for some time, they will dehydrate and shrink.

I have a high-pitched squealing noise when pulling the trigger!

If your blaster is emitting a high-pitched "squealing" noise and you are not hearing the piston firing, this is usually indicative of the motor of the GELSOFT gun not being aligned with the gears in the gearbox. GelSoft Blasters have their motors located in the handgrip of each blaster. There will be a large flathead screw piece typically located in the centre of the handguard. Tightening/Loosening will raise or lower the motor to a point where the gears should catch and operation continues as normal. If you hear no noise at all, then the gears are far too low or too high and need to go in the other direction. If you are uncomfortable or unsure about how to proceed, contact us at

Gun is not working after charging the battery for 3 hours

If your battery is fully charged but doesn’t shoot or only gets a few minutes of use ... This is usually indicative of a battery failure. The battery needs to be replaced and the defective battery disposed of safely. Over time, batteries do need to be replaced. If you are having this issue within 30 days of purchase, please email us and we will send you a replacement.

Will using an 11.1v battery make my blaster better?

GelSoft guns generally use two different forms of batteries, a 7.4v and 11.1v battery cell. The voltage usually indicates the 'pressure' of the battery and will determine how fast the GelSoft gun shoots. Using a higher voltage battery will typically increase the firing rate of the blaster however there are trade-offs when using a 11.1v. The increased battery voltage means that more pressure and repetitions are placed on the gearing and motors which can cause increased stress and wear on components. Blasters that are not built for 11.1v use may cause misfiring as the gearing may not fully cycle before the next stroke of the piston occurs. Please note: Upgrading your battery voids any warranty.

What is the correct way to grow ammo?

To grow, please pour the desired amount of GelSoft Ammo beads into a container. Please ensure you use a big enough bucket/container to grow the ammo. Add more than enough water into a container and allow 3-5 hours for the GelSoft ammo to grow. Once grown, drain out any excess water leaving you with just fully grown gel balls.