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Our hardest-hitting rifle!

The GelSoft ATAC Elite Series rifle delivers everything you'd expect; there's plenty of power, 30-meter range and a high level of accuracy all combined in this unique drum fed GelSoft rifle. This ATAC fires safe, frangible GelSoft ammo, the ammo is biodegradable and made predominantly from water ensuring no harm to the environment. On impact, the ammo 'pops' or 'bursts' with a satisfying splat of water, or just bounces off the target safely.

The ATAC rifle has a host of features including a laser sight, pre-loader, SFL foregrip and fully adjustable rear stock. This rifle also includes a removable magazine, a push on 'flash hider' and a mock scope. The ATAC has a new gearbox design which provides a tremendous firepower advantage over other players. You can add your own accessories and attachments to the ATAC via the four R.I.S. rails.

What’s in the box

The GelSoft ATAC is supplied with 2500 rounds of ammo, fillport magazine, laser sight, foregrip, mock scope, safety glasses and USB charger. The GelSoft ATAC is simple to assemble and does not require any tools.

GelSoft ATAC Components


Range 30m
Dimensions 795 x 297 x 120mm
Ammo Capacity 250 Rounds
Charging Time 3 Hours


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